Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Ways To Quit Smoking

So you have decided to stop smoking. Good I salute you! You now have to choose between all the possible ways and methods at hand to get you out from your habit. Which method will it be? One could say that the method doesnt matter the only important thing is to be able to stop. The result is what counts. Yes of course - but I wish it was that simple. We all know that most attempt to stop results in disappointments. The statistics are saying that only fifteen to twenty percent will succeed at each try! Therefore, the choice of method might after all be of some importance. I believe that the personality have some important influence upon the effectiveness of different methods. A real strong headed personality might for example be able to just stop.
This specific method is generally referred to as to stop cold turkey. Then we have the whole scale of types down to very severe cases where the only thing that can save the day is to bandage the hands and feet of the prospect. Most people are situated somewhere between this two extremes. In the situation where a person is clearly determined to stop smoking, there are several methods to choose among. It's a broad spectrum of methods out there from treatment in form of substitute intake of nicotine up to methods including hypnosis, laser and acupuncture. This is of course only a very rough description of different techniques at hand and has to be divided further in order to see the many alternatives there are! Consequently, can for example the method to substitute the "loss" of inhaled nicotine by what's called NRT or Nicotine Replacement Therapy be divided in a number of subgroups. Personal preference usually determines which one to use. One of the most well known sub methods for replacement is by nicotine gum. Nicotine gums are available in two strengths - 2 mg and 4 mg. Which one you will prefer has probably to do with the number of cigarettes you are compensating for. A more casual smoker would most likely do with a few pieces of 2 mg per day. However, to substitute lets say 20 and more cigarettes a day you have to go for the higher level and more pieces of gum during the day. One potential problem connected to nicotine gum as treatment is the risk for misuse of- or addiction to gum instead of cigarettes. However, one has to say that the taste of nicotine gum must be described as somewhat problematic in the long run! There are lots of smokers that disqualify nicotine gums for just that reason. Among the NRT products, you will also find the Nicotine patches. The patch is placed on the skin in order to release the nicotine in to the bloodstream. The composition is made in a way that the release of nicotine can be performed during different numbers of hours. There are patches manufactured to last for 16 hours and other variations that will last for up to 24 hours. The later ones could be argued for in situations where the early and compulsory morning cigarette is a reality! Then there are Nicotine inhalers that are used in a way that in action and handling is somewhat similar to smoking a cigarette. The form resembles a cigarette where you insert a cartridge containing nicotine. Each cartridge will last for up to three 20 minute sessions. The normal use during a day is 6-12 cartridges for up to eight weeks. From there on the goal is to gradually reduce the use during some weeks.
Nicotine tablets are made in a way that can be placed under the tongue and the nicotine is absorbed through the mucous membrane in to the bloodstream. Its important to know that these tablets aren't swallowed in order to give the right release but handled properly they must be described as a reasonably effective method. The last method to date among the NRT group is Nicotine nasal spray. By spraying the nicotine in the nasal cavity the effect is rather quick. The bio availability is more or less the same as in inhaling nicotine by smoking. There are quite obvious locale side effects from the nasal mucous membrane in the form of irritation followed by sneezing, coughing and watering eyes. This is definitely a method not to be practiced whilst driving! Whilst the different NRT methods are the most frequent techniques used to get out of smoking there are other effective methods not involving supply of nicotine. Among other ways to quit smoking, we can use hypnosis in some form or shape. Here it can be distinguished between hypnosis performed by a certified hypnotist and a technique called self-hypnosis or self-suggestion. Both methods have its pros and cons but imply a very real and personal firm conviction that smoking has to stop. In the category of self-hypnosis or self-suggestion we have e-books in combination with audio and/or video. There is no single optimal method for everybody as a way to quit smoking! You have to choose the most effective and comfortable method based on your personal conditions and preferences. By: Gunnar Alm

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